Thursday, January 21, 2016

Daiesu Sakura Mei Tai (baby)

Daiesu Wrap Conversion Sakura Mei Tai (baby)


  • First Impressions
    • It was sooo colorful. The color is perfect for summer or those days when you just want a splash of color to brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.
    • I couldn't get over how soft it already was. Not quite buttery soft but definitely on its way there. To think I am just the 4th tester on the list! 
  • First Uppy
    • I was amazed by the support it offered! My baby is on the petite side but this WCMT is more supportive than some wraps in single layer carries. I wore her for 5 hours with no pain, no constant adjustments, bub stayed safe and snug all throughout.
    • Amelie is almost a year and a half and although she is on the petite side, the panel does not suppport her legs from knee pit to knee pit anymore. This is where the wrap style straps come in handy. I know that knee pit to knee pit is not necessary once bub is already a toddler but it feels more comfortable for both me and my baby with that added support.
    • The jacquard weave and the organic cotton is definitely breathable and airy. I live in the tropical island of Cebu, Philippines so this is a major requirement for me. No sweaty bub and mom is not sweating, too!
  • Final Impressions
    • This WCMT is perfect for those mommas who want the cushiness, flexibility, airiness, and support woven wraps offer but find that wrapping takes up too much effort and too much time.
    • I love how breathable and supportive it is for my toddler. I love how easy it is to breastfeed in it. Its packed with sleepy dust and playful orange and pink color - draws attention like a magnet, I tell you.
    • I am very short so tying the straps was a bit of challenge since I didn't want them to fall on the ground (hello OC). I find that knotting them to make the straps shorter solved this beautifully. The padded portion also reached my shoulder blades. Oh the problems of being short!
    • I like how I am able to use different finishes on a back carry. I love how my seat popper is unable to pop her seat!!! She is also a crazy leaner so getting her tight and snug is a priority - not an issue with this fluffy WCMT!
    • I used this beautiful and playful carrier to a birthday pool party, to pick up my 3 older kids from school, to finish chores at home, to get a cranky teething toddler to sleep, to the novena masses for the Sr. Sto. Nino festival, and even to bid my husband goodbye.
    • If finances permit, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Daiesu WCMT but this time in a toddler size :)


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