Monday, November 30, 2015

Nona Imagine Blue Ice 5


Imagine Blue Ice for a perfect blue Christmas!
  • Toddler:    
    • 15 months old, 8kgs
  • Wearer:     
  • Sloppy Kangaroo in one of the world's largest and newest malls
    SM Seaside Cebu
    • Height:         4'11”
    • Weight:        58kgs
    • Body Type:  Fluffy
  • Type of Carrier:     
    • Imagine Blue Ice Woven Wrap
  • Brand:                   
    • Nona Woven Wraps
  • Website:                
  • Authorized Local Retailers/Distributors: 
    • (Coming Soon)
  • Size:                     
    • 5 (490x72cm / 4.2M)
  • Fabric Content:      
    • 100% Cotton
  • Type of weave:      
    • Jacquard
  • Surface Weight:     
    • 246gr/m2
  • Width:                   
    • 72cm / 28 inches
  • Suitable for newborns until toddlerhood
  • Machine Washable
  • Type of carries done:      
    • Front Carries:
      • FWCC
      • FWCC with Poppins Finish
      • Kangaroo
      • Reinforced Kangaroo
      • Popparoo
    • Back Carries:
      • Ruck Sack
      • Ruck Sack with Tibetan Finish
      • Secure High Back Carry
      • Reinforced Rear Ruck Sack with Candy Cane Chest Belt
      • BWCC with Sweetheart Finish
      • Christina's Ruckless Back Carry
      • Double Hammock TUB
    • Hip Carries:
      • NADA, toddler hates them!


  • First Impressions
    • I loved the color and how it seemed to shimmer under the light. I felt like it was the perfect Blue Christmas wrap. The pattern was gorgeous and elegant. 
    • I immediately noticed that it was thicker and rougher than the wraps that I have tried before. It definitely needed more breaking in to make it softer and more moldable.
  • 1st Uppy
    • I was blown away by the support this wrap offers! And yes, it was thick and oh sooo grippy. No need for a double knot! The thickness and the weave makes it forgiving of sloppy and rushed wrap jobs.
Breastfeeding at night when she insists on an uppy
  • Final Impressions
    • My petite toddler is a leaner and a seat popper. And because she is so petite, I prefer high back carries over those that have a chest pass so she can see over my shoulder. She nurses like a newborn so back carries are usually limited to 2 hours or so. I found this wrap to be extremely supportive and cushy. My base is size 6 so Imagine Blue Ice with its long tapers on a size 5 made it challenging for me to not tie on the tapers. While that can be done, I found that slack eventually found its way into the wrap job after some time. I had to take the time to tighten the wrap job carefully and evenly so the knot would not fall on the tapers. 
Sleepy Dust Magic captured!
She was nursing at this time.
    • The thickness and the jacquard weave made this wrap cushy and forgiving of not so good wrap jobs. Dealing with a cranky toddler who wants the milky right away made it mandatory for me to wrap as fast as possible so I really appreciate the cush this wrap provides. 
    • I'm used to glidey and slippery wraps so tightening this far-from-broken-in wrap took more work than I'm used to. But once tightened, it provided a very snug and very supportive wrap job which required My daughter tried to escape several back carries to no avail! She stays in place!
Nothing beats the sleepy dust of a woven wrap!
    • The weave is thicker but is still breathable in our hot and humid tropical weather as long as you stay indoors and avoid the heat of the unforgiving sun.
Wrapping with a cranky and wriggly toddler
    • This wrap is perfect for those with toddlers or heavy babies. I would love to have one in my base size, preferably already and completely broken in.
BWCC with Sweetheart Finish
Perfect for bra-less days

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