Thursday, January 21, 2016

Soul Slings Prism Surprise 6

Soul Slings Prism Surprise 6

  • Toddler
    • 1 year and 5 months old
  • Wearer
    • Height
      • 4'11'
    • Weight
      • 56 kgs
    • Body Type
      • Fluffy
  • Type of Carrier
    • Woven Wrap
  • Brand
    • Soul Slings
  • Website
  • Local Retailer/Distributor
  • Size
    • Size 6
  • Fabric Content
    • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Type of weave
    • Twill weave --- handwoven, Orange weft
  • Width
    • 30 inches
  • Length
    • 196 inches
  • Suitable for newborns until 2 years old
  • Machine Washable
  • Type of carries done
    • Front Carries:
      • FWCC
      • FWCC with Poppins Finish
      • Kangaroo
      • Reinforced Kangaroo
      • Popparoo
    • Back Carries:
      • Ruck Sack
      • Ruck Sack with Tibetan Finish
      • Secure High Back Carry
      • Reinforced Rear Ruck Sack with Candy Cane Chest Belt
      • BWCC with Sweetheart Finish
      • Christina's Ruckless Back Carry
      • Double Hammock TUB
    • Hip Carries:
      • NADA, toddler hates them!


  • First Impressions
    • The first thing that came to my mind when I first received it was that it was a muted, darkish rainbow. Not quite beastly, but not buttery soft or fluffy either. I felt that it needed more loving to completely break it in. It felt heavier so it made me curious about its wrapping qualities.
    • It was my 1st time to try a twill weave and I loved it!
  • First Uppy
    • This wrap is grippy. Hello half-knot! Passes in a FWCC fall into place with a bit of tightening and won't budge even if my little seat popper tries valiantly to pop her seat.
    • It comes with an abundance of sleepy dust. 5-10 minutes in and she's snoring like a train. (I am obviously exaggerating the noise!)
  • Final Impressions
    • This is a gorgeous beater wrap! I love the support, the cush, the airiness, and most of all, I love the fact that its easy to take care of!
    • I live in the hot and humid tropical island of Cebu, Philippines so my carriers MUST be breathable at all times. I used the Prism Surprise to wear by toddler during a novena mass for Sto. Nino festivities. It was crowded and hot, and people were pushing other folks around in their quest to get good seats or a spot in the shade but I didn't break a sweat! 
    • This wrap is forgiving of sloppy and rushed wrap jobs except when you are obsessive-compulsive because you would want to display the rainbow just so!
    • Because its 100% Organic Cotton, caring for it is a breeze! Just remember not to hang it under direct sunlight so colors would remain vibrant.
    • I find that since this wrap needed more breaking in, back carries were sloppy given my squirmy, wriggly, and screaming toddler. I had to wait until she falls asleep before I could tighten and remove the slack from the carry. But as soon as its tightened properly, it doesn't budge. Even if she bounces up and down, this wrap stays in place.
    • I imagine this would be an absolute joy to wrap with when its completely broken in! That said, I would recommend this wrap to newbies if they buy one that's already broken in or if they are willing to holiday it over to someone who will break it in for them. This is one wrap that would survive from squish to the end of your babywearing journey.


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